Thursday, 2 November 2017


Well done to the following children who have obviously been practising their spelling words this week:

James, Peyton, Arron, Izac, Devpriya, Kaya, Madeleine, Cathy, Kieran, Francesca and Alana

Please help your child to practice their words, they were all given a sheet with 3 lists (one for each week).  They need to practice reading the word, saying each letter as they write it down on a piece of paper and then cover it up and try writing it again.  I suggest they do each word at least 5 times each day.  Parents are to tick the box to indicate that they have done it each night.  It's very easy to tell who has been practicing when I test them in class. 

Let's do one last push on spelling for the end of this year!  Spelling helps your child to read and write these words as well, so your support at home would be appreciated.


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