Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Week 6

I hope everybody has had a wonderful weekend.  I took my girls to Splash Planet for the day and spent the night in Napier, it was a nice break away but back to reality and another week of learning is ahead.

Week 6

On Friday we fare welled Aanya, she is off to India for an extended Christmas holiday with her family.  We wish Aanya and her family all the best and look forward to seeing her around the playground next year.

Builders start work this week at St. Marys. There will not be any disruptions to our classrooms but may be extra hazards to be aware of when in the school grounds.

Young Vinnies are still collecting cans of food this week.  Tins will be donated to the needy this Christmas.  Each can brought in gains a point towards your child's house colours.

Keep those photos of your child and symbols coming in please to add to our "Symbolism display wall".  Last week we began looking at the Ancient Egyptian symbols that they used for writing.  The children are learning how to write their names using the symbols.

Writing - last week we tried something new in our daily writing.  It is called a dictation race.  In pairs one child was the writer and one was the reader.  The reader had to come up to the board and read the paragraph word by word and go back to tell the writer what to write.  If the writer was unsure on the spelling the reader had to ensure that they knew what letters to write by spelling it out to their partner.  This created great excitement and team work.  The first 3 teams won a lolly each, which made it even more appealing.  On Friday we tried it again.  What I noticed was the amazing team work and communication that happened amongst the pairs, I also noticed how supportive of one another the children were.  On Friday there was a little bit of cheating going on (the writer going up to the board and copying the words) so unfortunately the first 2 teams to finish were disqualified from that days race.  This was a valuable learning opportunity for those children and others too, as we learnt that cheating doesn't make you a winner.  We might try this again one day this week.

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