Sunday, 29 October 2017

Week 3

Hi all, 

Swimming this week, our slot is 2.30 - 3pm.  All children are expected to swim unless you provide them with a note due to a health issue.

Last days for Calendar orders is tomorrow, the artwork for your child's calendar is on the windows of the classroom, they are a silhouette of your child's head along with their own background design.  I have a few spare order forms in class if you need them.  From memory I think they are $10 each, a great xmas present for the rallies!

Thank you to those who came and helped at our school working bee day on Saturday, many jobs were completed and the school appreciated your support.

Notices from Director of Religious Studies :  Mrs Hall

Grandparents/Friends Mass and Picnic is week 4 Friday 10th November. 
Starts with Mass at 9:00, then refreshments at the school, then a mini concert from our various school groups. Weather permitting it will be outside on the field. Newbies welcomed also-Room 10.  Please encourage your child's grandparent/friends to come and spend time with them in school.  

All Souls/Saint Liturgy is this Thursday at 10:00 in the hall. Please can you invite your students to write names of their loved ones who have died. Bring the names to the liturgy and place in the basket as you enter. These names will be taken to the Church where they will continue to be prayed for. 

Emmaus Icon Visits St Mary's Church this Thursday. The icon is travelling around the Diocese as part of Bishop Steve's 'Hearts Burning' focus. Father has invited and urged for classes and families to visit it while it is here and say a short prayer before it. 
Classes only need visit for a 15 minute slot sometime during the day. 

Student Led Conference - the junior school have decided to hold a celebration day in week 7 - Thursday 30th November instead of this week.  Children will bring their parents to celebrate their success and goals that have been met during the year.

Rosary - this week on Wednesday morning, starting at 8.45am the junior school will be hosting the rosary.  You are welcome to attend and celebrate this special event within our school.

Thursday - All saints liturgy in the hall at 10.00am, all welcome.


IMPORTANT DATES - Add them to your diary as it is a busy term:

Friday 10th November: Grandparents’ Mass
Friday 17th November: Young Vinnies Mufti Day
Tuesday 21st November:  JPC Orientation Day for Year 6s
Thursday 23rd November: Coaches Thank You Evening
Friday 24th November: Ahurei Performance (Ryan in room 7 only)
Monday 27 November: Teacher Only Day
Monday 27 November:  ELL Picnic
Thursday 30 November: Kakano and Manuka teams’ Celebration with parents
Friday 1st November: Kakano & Manuka teams’ portfolios go home
Saturday 2nd December: Rotorua Christmas Parade
Thursday 7th December: Junior Big Day Out
Friday 8th December: End of year Mass
Monday 11th Dec: Principal’s Morning Tea. Issue Principal’s letters
Tuesday 12th December: Prizegiving
Wednesday 13th December: Junior Athletics Day
Thursday 14th December: School Tryathlon
Friday 15th December: Missioning of Year 6 students

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