Sunday, 3 September 2017

Week 7

I hope all the dad's liked their fathers day presents that the children made.  I also hope that they had a relaxing and enjoyable day.

Room 7 is very lucky to have Susan Townes as our Teacher Aid to help support the children's learning.  Susan is a trained teacher who use to work at St. Marys, she is working Tuesday - Friday during the morning two blocks to help work with some children who just need a little extra support in Reading and writing.  I also want to acknowledge our school's principal Mr Macmillan for providing teacher aids to all junior classes.  As you can image teaching 25 five and six year olds, who all come with individual learning needs and different abilities can at time be challenging.  I'm sure having Susan's support will make a difference.

There has been quite a few niggles between the girls lately.  Girls just saying unwanted comments to one another.  I have spoken to the whole class and told them that nasty comments will not be tolerated and losing golden time will be the consequence. 

Sickness - last week we had several children unwell, hopefully they are all on the mend and back at school this week.  We haven't been doing our morning fitness at the moment due to the amount of coughing that it creates but hopefully this won't last too long.

This Friday at 9.00 am we have a School Mass - Nativity of Mary.-which will have some of the junior children participating in prayers of the faithful. Also not this Friday but the following, Room 7 will be hosting the school assemble. You are welcome to come and watch (2.05pm start), but I'll remind you closer to the time and during that week your child may bring home some words to learn if they have a speaking role.

Looking forward to another fun and productive week.

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