Monday, 5 June 2017

Week 6

I hope you all have had a wonderful long weekend with your children, it was certainly nice to not have to wake to the alarm clock this morning.

This week on Friday room 7 is hosting the school's assembly.  You are welcome to come and watch us, it begins at 2.05pm on Friday.  We will be sharing with the school and parents our learning on being sustainable by reducing, reusing and recycling.  I am just in the process of working out individual roles for this assembly and for many children they will be asked to practise some lines at home this week that they will say into the microphone at assembly.  I will hopefully have these ready to hand out tomorrow.

On Thursday I have my 5th Voyager course so will be away from the classroom for the day.  We have Nicola Riley-Groves (Kieran's mum) relieving for the day.

NITS - could you please check your child's hair, I haven't noticed anybody scratching but have been informed that a child our class has recently been treated for nits, so if everybody could please check and treat if necessary that would be appreciated to prevent further spreading.  If you need any advise or suggestions you are welcome to come and speak to me.

Last Friday afternoon I went to watch room 7's superstar miniball players.  Peyton, Margaret, Francesca (James was away sick) and Kaya.  I am very proud of these up and coming basketball players.

Here's some photos of the children making their creative art pieces from Friday, thanks to Courtney (Peyton's mum) for coming in to help me.  We will show these creations at this weeks assembly.  Special thanks to everybody who brought in resources to share.  I have put all unused art resources into our art box for future creations.


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