Monday, 15 May 2017

Week 3

Week 3

Goodmorning, sorry I didn't get time to update this weeks notices last night as I was enjoying spending the day with my daughters.  

I hope all the mums had a great day with your wonderful children.  Hopefully they all remembered to hide their gifts away until Sunday and that you enjoyed these, the children were so excited to be able to make you something from their hearts.

The school has a maths specialist teacher coming in, she will be working with me and other junior teachers during the middle block.  St Marys is going to be using PaCT as an assessment tool so we are all learning about this.

Pita pit lunch orders available, 
Teachers will be holding a pink ribbon breakfast today in the staff room from 7.30 to help raise money for breast cancer, so I won't be down in the classroom till about 8.30 am. Hopefully I get the opportunity to come down and unlock the door earlier so the children can keep warm.

8.45am school singing and the reading holiday lucky draw will take place this morning in the hall.

Today all 4 of us junior teachers will be attending a phonics course so Room 7 will have a reliever, it will  be Mrs Vicki Whibley, the children are familiar with Vicki.
Pita pit orders available.

Sausage sizzle, $1.50 for sausage or juicy, orders taken in the morning.

Spelling lists
After discussions with the junior team we have decided to keep in line with each other and use the 'essential spelling list' as the focus for our spelling programme.  I have made some new caterpillars using these words (the old caterpillars incorporated these words but didn't put them in order and had extras).  Last week all children did a spelling test using essential list 1 and 2 and I will use this data to update the new sheets and paste them into their homework books so you know what words they now need to learn.  Remember just choose 4-5 each week and go over these daily.  The children have the opportunity to practise spelling in class as well, we use "trace, copy and cover", meaning trace over the word, copy it by writing it down then cover it up and try writing or spelling it by yourself.  

Here's to another enjoyable week

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