Sunday, 19 March 2017

Week 8

For the next two weeks we have the Life Education Bus (with Harold) at St. Mary's.  Our class will be attending a lesson on Healthy Eating this Thursday at 1.30pm and the following Thursday.  During the next two weeks we will be talking about making healthy choices, the importance of exercising and drinking water.

Mini marathon- last week everybody was given a notice and if you wished to participate there was a $5 passport cost.  In our class there are approximately 8 children who have decided to participate so as a class we will run/walk 1km during our fitness time in the mornings.  Each Friday I will hand their passports back to you to take home so that you are able to continue the walking/running during the weekend.  If anybody else still wants to participate please come and see me for another notice.

Monday 10.00am we have St. Joseph's liturgy in the hall, you are all welcome to attend.

Tuesday/Thursday lunches can be ordered online via pita pita

Wednesday - I will be on my Voyager professional development course today.  Whaea Eliana will be taking the class for the day.

Thursday at 2pm Kapa Haka begins again for the year.  If your child would like to participate in kapa haka to trial it, see what happens and be involved they can go for the first 3 weeks before committing themselves.

Friday 11am Pasifica Group - if your child is interested in joining the Pacific Island Performing Group they are welcome to attend to trial, see what happens during this time.

Sausage sizzle orders for today and juicies available $1.50 for sausage in bread and $1 for a frozen juicy.

Have a great week

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